Wednesday, April 13, 2011

As Seen On- Taylor Swift! Let's talk about her lips!

In people magazine T-swift shared one of her favorite lip colors: Dragon Girl by Nars. This color is a "Vivid Siren Red" which has become her trademark lip! Dragon Girl is a Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ::::Check it out here:::: It is $24 wherever Nars is sold.

Taylor wore Color Intrugue Effects Lipstick in "Poppy Cream" by Elizabeth Arden on the Allue April 2009 cover! It's a "classic yellow-red cream". That red is as close to the perfect red as you can get! 

As Seen on Kim Kardashian- Nars Turkish Delight!

Kim is known for her pouty nude pink lips and has been quoted on multiple occasions saying that Nars Turkish Delight is one of her favorite lip glosses! Turkish Delight is a very pale sorbet pink color. It's $23 wherever Nars is sold. 

As Seen on Kim Kardashian- make up!

 Giorgio Armani Silk Luminous foundation 
Laura Mercier translucent powder  
The brows are filled in with CORK by MAC  
On the lids I used Stars N’ Rockets by MAC 
 In the crease, outter corners and under the eye, Deep Truth – also by MAC.   
Right below the Deep Truth shadow, Creme de Violet shadow (a lighter shimmery purple, MAC) all the way down to the cheek bones.  
The liner on the top is a very pigmented black liquid from GIELLA cosmetics.  
In the inner rim of the eye, black power point pencil from MAC and ALOT mascara – Bad Gal mascara by Benefit. 
For blush, Angelika by NARS and the bronzing powder by LORAC 

For Kim’s lips, a little bit of the foundation on them, followed by a clear gloss.  

List of Make up from her MUA Mario!

As Seen On-Kate Beckinsale! Love Sam White Lace Top

This Love Sam Lace top looks absolutely adorable on Kate Beckinsale! This shirt would look so cute with a longer necklace like this one created by Nicole Richie from House Of Harlow 1960! To find more info about Kate's "Love Sam" shirt check it out here from ::::Singer 22:::: This shirt is $196
This necklace is $80 and can be found at the link above!

As Seen On- Angelina Jolie! Chantecaille "Love"

Angelia Jolie wore "her favorite" lip gloss to the Oscars. It has been revealed that it was Chantecaille "Love"

Another one of Angie's (yeah, I call her that) favorites is "Charm".

Love is a soft pink and Charm is a wearable nude.

These babies are $28 :::Find them here::::

Every time I go anywhere where Chantecaille is sold these lip glosses are the first things pushed and me... the best sales tactic in the world is "oh, did you know this is the lip gloss Angelia Jolie wears". In our minds we think wow... if she likes it and her lips look like THAT then I must get it. Um, no. Wish it worked like that. It will never look as good as it does on her. She could wear black lipstick and still look amazing.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

As Seen On Michelle Money- YSL Rouge Volupte #1

I am a HUGE Bachelor Fan and Michelle Money was one of my favorite girls. I loved everything about her on the show... her clothes, hair, make up, jewelery. One night I sat watching lusting over her lipstick color and knowing in my heart I'd probably never find out what it was... and then Michelle joined twitter and started sharing all her beauty tips. Yay for me! This is what she wrote on her twitter:
"@moneymichelle On a lighter note... YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick in #1. 
the pale pink color I wear on the show! Love it"
Follow her on twitter for more beauty and fashion tips!

I of course ran out at got it and I love love love it! 

This is $34 wherever YSL is sold!

Check out an amazing review on this at

As Seen on Kourtney Kardashian- Ani Lee Angnes dress!

Ani Lee Agnes Dress in Black and Cream

It's crazy how a celebrity can "make" a dress! Seeing it on the model doesn't do anything for me... it just looks like a simple, slightly boring dress but on! She makes the dress and makes it quite nice. 

This dress is $339 and can be found at

As seen on her... makes me love this dress!