Wednesday, April 13, 2011

As Seen On- Angelina Jolie! Chantecaille "Love"

Angelia Jolie wore "her favorite" lip gloss to the Oscars. It has been revealed that it was Chantecaille "Love"

Another one of Angie's (yeah, I call her that) favorites is "Charm".

Love is a soft pink and Charm is a wearable nude.

These babies are $28 :::Find them here::::

Every time I go anywhere where Chantecaille is sold these lip glosses are the first things pushed and me... the best sales tactic in the world is "oh, did you know this is the lip gloss Angelia Jolie wears". In our minds we think wow... if she likes it and her lips look like THAT then I must get it. Um, no. Wish it worked like that. It will never look as good as it does on her. She could wear black lipstick and still look amazing.

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